Oh god…what a miracle……????

The place where the Neyyar meets the black rock formations after 20 hours from Agastyakootam and falls down is called ‘Shankaran Kuzhi’. A dense forest filled with evil creatures. A Karma Bhumi, which received the conflagration of Kerala’s renaissance. It is a very charming place with small hills and huge rock formations on both sides.

The soil on which the first and last teardrops of Yugapurusha fell. The Arauvipuram, which sparked the self-consciousness of the underprivileged.

During the Shivaratri in 1888, Gurudevan spoke to some young devotees about the Kshethra Prathishta. He did not ask about any idol or shrine. As preparations for the kshethra prathishta, a few flowers were placed , lamps were lit and hymns were sung. The Pandal was built on a flat rock on the east bank of the river. On the day of Shivratri, there was a large crowd of people who came to know more about the kshethra prathishta.

At midnight, Gurudevan woke up from his meditation and dived into the depths of the ‘Shankaran Kuzhi’.The spectators panicked when they did not see Gurudevan even after a long time. Let us know the later view through the words of Divyasree Sivalingaswamy, Gurudevan’s first disciple and an eyewitness to the incident.

“Then Gurudevan was seen holding an idol in his right hand and leaning on the mossy rock with his left hand with the skill of an athlete. It was impossible for me to look directly at his face when he rose from the Shankaran Kuzhi. Such was the radiance of that face.

It was a glorious moment. The blaze of those eyes couldn’t be described. There was an extreme gleam on that face, instead of absolute calmness. I was the one who gave him the pooja items. All the time, I did not dare to look at Gurudevan’s face. I clearly noticed a magnetic radiation in the sky at that moment. In this way, Gurudev revealed the miracle of His incarnation.”

Kumaranashan’s account of the Aruvipuram Pratishta also states that “Gurudevan meditated during the Pratishta until three in the morning with the stone in his hand. At that time, tears streamed down Swami’s radiant face…”

In the history of mankind, Aruvipuram has been written in golden letters as the work of a new age creator, the first blow against Brahmin supremacy and the roar that shook the self-consciousness of the underprivileged, and so on.


It was a divine miracle when one stone fused with another.

Now even after 128 years, it is not hypocritical to pretend that you did not see the spiritual miracle wherein the one who saw that divine moment worship it .

Does science or atheism have an explanation for this miraculous phenomenon???? Or if not, should we not accept the divinity of the Gurudevan?????

Poojari Manoj K Viswanathan
(Swaroopa Chaithanya)

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