Pranan and the health!!!

We have learned that pranan is the active force that makes jeevan exist in the body. In the previous article it was said that the Prana divided itself into five, known to be panchapranas and the Panchavayus where the ones which assisted these panchapranans. How these panchapranas function in the body after death was also been briefly told. Today, let us consider how these prana functions within a living body. Ayurveda actually treats the Prana, not the body i.e, it treats the cause of disease rather than the disease itself. Health is said to be the smooth functioning of Prana. Let’s go once again to the panchapranans and panchavayus which were mentioned the other day.

Prana: assumes its position in the heart. It’s main work is the carry out the breathing process. Apanan: its position is said to be at the anus. It carries out excretion. If Apanan is not working properly, it may lead to intestinal gas related diseases. It helps in delivery. Vyanan : It can be said to be flowing or spread throughout the body. Sweat is produced because of the vyanan. Vyanan creates a thrilling or tactile experience. Udanan : located in the navel.
Apart from protecting the unborn child, it creates jadaragni and boosts up the digesting process.
Samanan: It is located in the throat or neck.It is called so because it regulates the body temperature in a similar way.

Now lets talk about the Panchavayus.

Nagan: It controls the eyesight, movement of eyelashes etc. It is located in the optic nerve.
Kurman :- It causes and communicates hunger and thirst. It controls the parts which has a pair, i.e. eyes, nose, ears, kidneys, legs and hands. Have you ever heard of Kurma Shakti? It is located between the eye and the ear.
Krikalan: It focuses on things related to the mind. Karikalan plays an important role in activities that give strain to the body, such as yawning. It moves through the spine.
Devadatan :It controls all the cells in the body.
Dhananjayan: Dhananjayan causes the destruction and regeneration of cells outside the body or skin etc. It also heals wounds.

In short, if Pranan works properly, one can live up to a full human life. The purpose of Pranayama is for this reason. Living in harmony with nature is another way to appease the pranan. Corona virus, which has claimed the lives of lakhs of people, attacked the pranan directly, which is why it mainly affected the lungs.

Poojari Manoj K Viswanthan

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