The crow’s nest (A moral Lesson)

The mother crow laid a lot of eggs in that nest. Unfortunately, none hatched. So she collected reeds and soft twigs to make the nest more secure. Once the nest became strong and safe, she laid eggs.
While brooding and protecting the eggs, she never thought about hunger or thirst. Once the eggs were hatched, four lumps of flesh came out. Mother crow protected them by providing warmth through her wings. As days passed, the babies grew up. During her children’s growing up years, mother crow was incredibly proud of them.The first child, who was just like her in appearence, flew away. The second child showed loyalty and love towards the mother. But the mother crow had more affection towards her younger children. She passed on her life experiences and learnings to them. Taking into consideration what they liked and disliked, she acted accordingly. In every way, she wanted them to be greater than her. Whenever she had the opportunity, mother crow would praise her younger children in front of others. However, she failed to notice the changes in her younger children at first. Slowly, they started to despise mother crow secretly. Due to their disobedience, mother crow started opposing their wishes. This made them more stubborn and aggressive. They boasted that they had become perfect in knowledge and wisdom. They did not listen to their mother’s good lesson and started turning away. They ignored punishment and behaved in an indisciplined manner.They forgot the source of their power and strength. The mother crow’s heart was broken when they spoke to her harshly. Even after that,she searched food for her children in the wild. Once when there was a forest fire, all the trees burned. Since this was a familiar place for the mother crow, she knew that there was a wide river on the south side and the fire would not spread there. The mother crow said to her children” children, fly to the south and escape…”. But those children, who were in denial, flew to the north. With heavy heart, the mother flew to the south… across the river to build another nest. Once again…… hoping to raise up children who have obedience.

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