My Lord Murudeshwara…….

May my travel experience benefit you as well………

My journey started at Kudroligokarnanath temple at 5 am. I took a ticket from Mangalore Center to Murudeshwar at 5.45 am on the train to Bellandur.Let me mention one more thing, if you are going to Mukambika, do not avoid visiting Murudeshwar under any circumstances. There are many things we should see, experience, and learn as Hindus at that sacred spot.

I suggest that no extra money should be paid in any temple in Kerala.In any case, God does not need money.The money which the temples get should be used for the needs of the devotees, for their spiritual satisfaction, for basic needs. Doesn’t an average Hindu get nothing but neglect from the temples in Kerala…?
Is it Sabrimala or Guruvayur…? Where can one have a peaceful experience where one can bathe in holy waters, eat God’s rice (Annam) and return without being discriminated against because of caste?

It is possible only at Sivagiri and Parasshinikadav Muttappan’s Madapura. Both of these places do not collect money in the name of devotion.All the devotees who come here are treated equally.Some may ask, do you go to the temple to fill the stomach? Let the great temples of Karnataka answer that.It should be remembered that there were Brahmanasadhyas in the temples of Kerala. Although it is known that Guruvayur provides annadanam, but can they feed all the devotees who arrive???? No. But we can find temples in Karnataka that serve food to everyone very regularly and without any difficulties.

The devotees who enter the temple leave only after eating.There is a simple reason why this is possible. Unlike Kerala, here it is not the Devaswom Board that serves the devotees of the Lord, but the Hindu Raksha Samithi.Here there is no caste or inferiority – everyone has equal rights and is treated equally.It’s not without moral outrage.Because there is still caste discrimination in the temples of Kerala, both directly and indirectly. It is kept up by this Devaswom Board along with government supporting them.I’m sorry to state this but the money coming to our great temples in various forms is being misappropriated. Can we unite all Hindu sects, remove all nationalist boundaries, and understand that this is not about caste, but faith???? Could it be possible???

Anyway, I reached Murudeshwaram around 8.30.Muru Deshwaran is located on a 300-meter-high promontory that is covered by the sea in three parts.It is a sight to behold.Near the sea coast is the temple complex.The tower of the temple is high as well.As you climb to the top with the lift, you will have an unforgettable experience. This place evokes faith, charm, and reverence . Food is served to thousands of pilgrims here . It is clear that they are all driven by a sense of pride, and that each one of them is full of heart. If my children were with me on this journey,
I would have raised their hands and proudly said, “We are Hindus”.

Hey my beloved Hindus, Take some of the money you have been keeping to donate to the temple hundis in Kerala and visit the great temples in Karnataka….you will feel proud to be a Hindu…for sure..

Poojari Manoj K Viswanathan


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