Why Karkadaka Vavubali?

What is beyond the door of death?A question that no one could figure out.How? Nevertheless, one would have been somebody’s son, father, brother, and husband while alive. That soul would have experienced a great deal of sacrifice and suffering in his/her own life, at least for the sake of those he/she loved. Their future generations may have enjoyed prosperity because of those sacrifices and sufferings. Thus the ones who are alive have an undeniable debt to that departed soul.

Just think…! Our body, our culture, our wealth, our knowledge and our soul are all inherited from our ancestors. How cruel are those minds which don’t return their debt by time.

The following mantra is uttered, when a father gives his daughter’s hand over to her groom.
“May you have sons from this bride and pay off your debt to your ancestors.”

The title of son can only be attained when he is saved from the hell of Pum. And look! How much importance is given to ancestors by our tradition and culture. One can question about the posthumous rituals, but no one can deny the Asrupooja performed for the departed souls!

Karkadaka Amavasi is observed as ancestor’s Day by Malayalees . Even it is celebrated in differently in various communities and traditions, so which one of these can be considered as correct? which is wrong? We never know.But beyond that question, we should have a sense of complete dedication towards our forefathers .

Pithrus are to be purely worshiped as the deities. Now malayalees have moved on to the great culture of pithruyajna. It is a synthesis of Panchamahayajna such as Brahmayajna, Devayajna, Pithayajna, Athiyajna and Bhootayajna.Forunately, with the blessings of Guru, it was my honour to start it in bangalore for the first time in 2000. I am extremely grateful that thousands of people affectionately accepted it.

This year , i.e. on Monday,17th July 2023, this great yajna will be conducted at Yadiyur Vaidika Kendra near Yadiyur Lake in Jayanagar 6th block under my guidance. Futher details will be informed shortly.

By performing Pithrutharpanam or Karkadaka Vavubali with devotion and complete dedication, the peace of the ancestors will be ensured.

Poojari Manoj K Viswanthan

Those who wish to be a part of this year’s karkadaka vavubali which will be conducted at yadiyur vaidika kendram, join the following WhatsApp group


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