What happens to the soul after death?

It’s a question that many people have asked. In spite of the differences in opinion among the Acharyas, I would like to mention about the common belief. But before that, let’s think about what the soul actually is. Jeevan or Jivatma can be regarded as a divine energy or a form of consciousness. Its origin is actually from the Supreme Soul or Brahman. That is why the Brahmapada prapati is said to be the ultimate goal of the soul. It is said to be the origin of the soul. How is that happening?

Just as billions of agnispulingams (sparks from fire) arising from fire, or streams of water arising from the waterfall, billions of souls are created from the Supreme Soul. Still it does.

According to Brahmasankalpa, it is attracted to the earth and acquires on a new body through the fusion of ovum with spermatozoa of the grass, cat, man, etc. Naturally, a doubt may arise. Are the new souls taking over the body? As soon as the new souls take their first birth, the souls who left the body, according to the course of karma, reach the Pitru world through Pitru Yanam (as mentioned in the article “Bali and water”) and when the time comes, they again take a new body on Earth. Only a very few souls attain moksha directly or reach the world of Brahman through devayana. The essence is that the soul lives in all the worlds. It is said that the soul is in microscopic form. It is said that the size of the soul is the same as the size of a single hair divided into ten thousand parts. But if that soul enters a human body or an elephant’s body, it occupy up to the tip of the hair and nail as well. Body heat is a sign of knowing the presence of soul. Once the soul leaves the body, the body begins to cool down. It is believed that the soul resides our the heart.

As long as the heart beats, there is life. Life ends when the heart stops beating.

Poojari Manoj K Viswanathan

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