Bali and water……..

Most of the time, bali pooja is performed in water bodies. An individuals also pours water over him/her before performing it.Tilodakam plays an important part in these rituals (tilam = sesame, udakam = water) and even the bali chor is offered in water.

So yes, there is an inextricable connection between bali pooja and water. Let’s check it out. Trying to put it as simply as I can, but kindly pay close attention to understand it.

When the soul leaves the body, the deceased will surely be in one of the three states.

1) Jeevan Muktavasta- They directly attain a place in Brahmaloka because of the virtues earned in previous births. Then there are no more births and deaths.

2) Krama Muktavasta- They are very virtuous souls who have done no sin at all but have not attained Brahmaloka. Such souls get the help of the devas to reach the Brahmaloka. Through Archiraati Gati or Devayanam, they cross the kaala deshas of the luminous Sun, Agni, Jyotis, Shuklapaksha and Uttarayanam to reach Brahmaloka with the help of the devas.

3) Conducive to rebirth- Normal human being usually take rebirth after death. They will be on their way to the Chandraloka (Bhuvarloka) after crossing the doors of death. This journey of souls is called Dhumathi Gati or Pitruyanam. Passing through the paths of night, karutapaksham and Dakshinayana, these souls reach Chandraloka and takes birth again on earth when the right time comes.

Now we will be talking about the importance of water in bali pooja.

Among the fourteen worlds, there are seven worlds from the earth upwards and seven worlds from paathalam downwards. It has been already said that if normal human beings die, they will reach the Bhuvarlok or Chandralok which is just above the earth. Everything on earth is in macroscopic forms. In other words, it can be seen, heard and touched. All macroscopic forms on earth such as human beings receive food through Annamayatattva or Bhumitattva. But everything in the Bhuvarlok or Chandraloka is in subtle form i.e, cannot be seen, heard or touched. The living soul becomes Pranamaya in subtle form. It is said that these subtle forms receive anything only through the means of water. That is why pitruyajna rituals are mostly performed through water. Brahmayajna (meditation, study etc.) is done through Akashatattva, Devayajna (Homa, Pooja etc.) is done through Agnitattva, and for Rishiswaras (listening to knowledge being imparted) through Vayutattva. Everything is made up of the Panchabhutas of Akasha, Agni, Vayu Earth and Water.

Lam pyathvyatakam gandham samarpayami. (Bhoomitattva)
Hum abhratkam pushpam samarpayami (Akashatattva)
Yam Marutathakam Dhupam Samarpayami (Vayutattva)
Ram Vahnyathakam Deepam Samarpayami. (Agnitattva)
Tum amritatmanam cha naivedyam samarpayami (Jalatattva)

It is believed that we should progress through small paths of life to enter into the vastness of pithruyajna.
I humbly request you all to read all these articles and let me know if you have any doubts.

Poojari Manoj K Viswanthan

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