Another important stepping stone in the life of a hindu is grihapravesam. There is a general saying that a house is made of brick and beams but a home can only be built with hopes and dreams. So, as per hindu rituals, warding from bad spirits is very important during grihapravesam for a peaceful life. Malayali Poojari Manoj K Viswanathan is a known expert in these kind of rituals and thousands of families has put in their trust in him for this very important ritual.

Kindly arrange the following list of items at your home.

One Nilavilakku
Milk-500 ml
Curd-200 ml
Gas Cylinder
Metal Spoon
Charuvam -2
Small bowls -6
Steel Plates -5
Spoons and Ladles
New milk vessel
Fruits (5 items)
Mulla mala (7 Muzham)
Loose flower – 1kg
Condiments like salt and chilli elc
Bucket, Cup, Broom,Waste Cloth, News Paper, Mat, Tulasi, Tulasi Pot,
knife, Machete Knife etc

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